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The Weather Reporter

Joel Tumbiolo, Founder and Chief Meterologist

Joel Tumbiolo, owner and Chief Meteorologist of The Weather Reporter has over 25 years of experience by serving as an Air Force Meteorologist. Joel served as a Launch Weather Officer at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center. He performed extensive weather analysis; with accountability for the generation and analysis of reports on weather conditions for all ground and launch operations. Mr. Tumbiolo was part of a select team that final weather approval or denial authority for all manned and unmanned spaceflight. Joel has a diverse expertise in weather science analysis, forecasting, presentation and instruction.
The Weather Reporter

While TWRs main mission will be geared towards providing weather support for shorter term time frames (up to 5 days) the capability to look at longer term weather outlooks for business or event planning purposes are also available. It is the responsibility of TWR to look at all of the computer models and determine their reliability and validity in order to choose the one that is handling the current atmospheric situation the best. This will enable TWR to provide customers the best possible support and consultation.
Addressing Client Concerns

TWR’s first responsibility is to understand the potential client’s business and what are the main weather concerns for the specific type of industry or event. TWR will add value to the weather data by creating customer specific weather content based on the weather concerns of the business. TWT will create site specific forecasts based on high resolution model guidance and will present and communicate the information in an easy to understand method to again allow the customer to make a well informed risk management decision.
Independent Services

My role as an independent and private meteorologist and the role of The Weather Reporter (TWR) are to utilize the vast amount of data and turn it into valuable information that addresses the specific business weather concerns. This allows the customer to make well informed business decisions when it comes to the weather and conducting business operations. A major function is to be able to filter, adjust to specific locale, and communicate all of the National Weather Service forecasts, watches, and warnings issued.


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Our main mission is geared towards providing weather support for short term and longer term weather outlooks for business or event planning purposes. We provide clients with the best support and consultation.

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